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Home prices around Tampa Bay areas

Interested in purchasing, but don’t know where to look? Well, I will give you some insight. Here is the average cost of homes in different areas around the Bay.

Let’s start with the city of Tampa. The downtown area of Tampa Bay has a variety of homes from condo living in the big city area to single family homes right outside the city. This causes the cost to be all over the map. The average cost as of June 2022 is $500,000, but there are properties listed as high as $8 million.

If you’re looking outside of the big city life, there is a smaller area within Tampa Bay that is being restored but has the older city hipster vibe called Seminole Heights. Mostly all single-family homes here are still close enough to the heart of Tampa, probably about a 15-20 min drive. These homes average $360,000 as of June 2022, but there are listings that are priced as high as $895,000.

If high class living is what you’re searching for we can move on over to Bayshore. The views of the bay are still very close to downtown and all the excitement Tampa brings with the beauty of luscious green grass, trees, and a perfect view of Tampa Bay’s Gasperilla homes in Bayshore tend to be a bit higher priced. The average home as of June 2022 is listed at $1.2 million but being such a high-class area homes are currently listing up to $18 million.

Want to be Tom Brady’s neighbor, well we can go to Davis Island! A cute little island off of Tampa’s downtown that has its own airstrip and an adorable dog beach! Average home prices as of June 2022 for Davis Island are $1.4 million but are listing as high as $16 million

Let’s go over the bridge to Pinellas county! If you came to Florida for beach living Pinellas county is definitely the place for you. Let's start at Snell Isle, which is a small little isle with beautiful homes and country clubs! A large number of homes on Snell Isle come with the perfect ocean view so the average price for these homes is $1.5 million and listings are currently as high as $13.2 million as of June 2022.

If you’re looking for city life and beach life we can try Downtown St Pete! Downtown St. Pete is a mix of older single-family homes and high rise condos so just like downtown Tampa these prices are all over the place. The average price however as of June 2022 is $713,000 with prices currently as high as $18 million. There are still a lot of new condos being built.

If you want the beach without the city, Belleaire is the place to be! Ocean views with the quiet life and not much tourism in this area these single-family homes average $500,000 and go up to $6 million as of June 2022.

If Belleaire isn’t the place for you, but you want a similar style and vibe there is always Dunedin! Dunedin is a cute small beach town with tons of personality and it’s reasonably priced. Average home price in Dunedin as of June 2022 is $359,000 but there are listings as high as $3 million right now.

If you like the small town vibe, but still want to be within 25-30 mins of the beaches, shopping and downtown areas we can take you to Palm Harbor, Florida. Homes here are a mixture of single family and condos and the average prices as of June 2022 is $400,000, but they are still listing some as high as $8 million.

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